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Puzzled about what you should be doing and when? Follow our checklists to make wedding planning simpler... 

12 months until the big day (or immediately after saying “Yes I’ll marry you!”)

  •  Announce your engagement
  •  Organise your engagement party
  •  Decide on a budget for your wedding
  •  Choose the date and time
  •  Visit a bridal expo for inspiration
  •  Decide on the style and theme for your wedding
  •  Book your ceremony venue
  •  Book your reception venue
  •  Choose the format of your reception meal (buffet or sit-down)
  •  Decide whether you are having a celebrant or a chaplain
  •  Choose your bridal party
  •  If the venue does not supply food, select a caterer
  •  Decide what type of entertainment you would like (DJ/band or both)
  •  Choose your wedding gown design
  •  Start looking at designs for your bridesmaid dresses
  •  Hire equipment required on the day
  •  Gather quotes from photographers
  •  Gather quotes from videographers
  •  Gather quotes from florists for bouquets and floral arrangements
  •  Gather quotes from cake shops (price, flavour and style)
  •  Decide on mode of transportation and gather quotes
  •  Depending on budget, decide whether you will make your own stationery or purchase it from a supplier –

    start looking at invitation designs

  •  Start planning your honeymoon
  •  Give overseas guests notice of your wedding date
  •  Arrange an engagement portrait or pre-wedding portrait if desired 


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