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SLEEP WELL in the lead up to your wedding day...


How to get good quality sleep in the lead up to your big day:

  1. Don’t watch TV or look at your mobile phone/computer before going to bed (or wake up and use during the night)
  2. Exercise during the day (go for a walk, partake in yoga, pilates or meditation)
  3. Don’t eat or drink fluids just before bedtime.
  4. Restrict caffeine to AM rather than PM
  5. Have a hot shower or bath prior to going to bed
  6. Develop a routine of going to bed at the same time each night
  7. Listen to relaxation or meditation music to help put you to sleep or read a book.
  8. Regulate your temperature - overheating during the night can cause nightmares, so wear comfortable, loose cotton pyjamas. Put socks on if your feet are too cold or if you have bad circulation.
  9. Use a comfortable pillow - don't sleep on two pillows unless you have sinus issues as too many pillows causes back and neck pain. 
  10. Change bed sheets regularly
  11. Eliminate all sources of light in the bedroom, and if need be install block-out curtains. Wear an eye mask or use lavender eye pillows.
  12. Turn your phone onto silent mode before going to sleep so that you are not disturbed by calls or texts.
  13. Avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime as the body will attempt to break down the alcohol and sugars producing a restless sleep.



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