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March DIY... Rustic Table Runner with LED lighting

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Gorgeous Australian Native greenery combined with our pretty white paper lanterns. 

Perfect for a Rustic, Bohemian, Vintage, Country or Shabby Chic wedding:

Step 1. 

Gather a selection of greenery (different types of Eucalyptus, either fresh or fake) to act as the base for your table runner. Add texture and interest by choosing several varieties.

Step 2.

Create the widest point of your runner by starting at one end of the table and working towards the middle of the table, layering your greenery as you go (leaves pointing toward the end of the table, stems pointing toward the middle of the table). Now repeat this process starting from the other end of the table.

Step 3.

Your table runner should be slightly narrower in the middle section of the table than the outer sections to create an interesting effect.

Step 4.

Ensure to reserve a small amount of foliage to cover any exposed lighting wires (following the next step).

Step 5.

Take your string of lights and intertwine them into the greenery (ensuring to cover battery packs and exposed wires with additional foliage). Plain White Mini Paper Lanterns and White Lace Mini Paper Lanterns are ideal for this look.

You may like to complete the look with vintage gold candle holders or use our industrial caged string of lights for a more modern style.


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